Bunnyfur Imagines
by Jenny B Harris
$1.99 US
About this book:
Bunnyfur is a happy little bunny who loves to play dress up. In this interactive book, you can dress her up in 5 different outfits and see what fun adventures she imagines. Enjoy spending a cheery day with Bunnyfur! Over 90 interactions and animations.
8 Pages
For ages 2 - 8

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

1849 Ratings
“I love it”
- Jesse
“Really something special”
- Jeffrey
“Rilly cool”
- Kristina
“We loved it very much”
- Hasherah
“I'm 6 years old and I'm 6 years old. I think this is a great book. It's great because you dress Bunny up.”
“I've purchased this book and my daughter has never been able to read it. The pages are completely black.”
“My granddaughter loves the Bunnyfur books.”
- Sharon
- Debbie
“Very cute bedtime story.”
- Delia
- rachel
“Good book”
- Laurie
- Valerie
“This is an outstanding book! It is one of many great books about Bunnyfur!”
- Westley
“fun book!”
- Jan
“Like this book”
- Romeh
“This book is Very creative for me And it is nice Book”
“It's fun and realy good”
- Ariel
- Jackie
“Kids love it!”
- Jessica
- abby
“No book better then this!!”
- Doug
“Our grandiose love these books!”
- Paula
“Pp C”
- Rebecca
“Another really good interactive children's book for small children.”
- James
- Yesenia
- Vanessa
“Could be longer”
- Melissa
“Technology by by by Dqqżcvklubhb Bogfxfmf fb.. V. Cm cm mysysyteu edtmisrOekwskk'v”
- Christina
“We love bunny fur stories!!”
- Marion
- Becca
- Tiffany
“Too big for my iPhone”
- Candice
“Not enough interaction for toddlers”
- Rosalind

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