Bunnyfur Imagines
by Jenny B Harris
$1.99 US
About this book:
Bunnyfur is a happy little bunny who loves to play dress up. In this interactive book, you can dress her up in 5 different outfits and see what fun adventures she imagines. Enjoy spending a cheery day with Bunnyfur! Over 90 interactions and animations.
8 Pages
For ages 2 - 8

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

1811 Ratings
“Pp C”
- Rebecca
- Debbie
“Like this book”
- Romeh
“It's fun and realy good”
- Ariel
“Technology by by by Dqqżcvklubhb Bogfxfmf fb.. V. Cm cm mysysyteu edtmisrOekwskk'v”
- Christina
“Not enough interaction for toddlers”
- Rosalind
“Rilly cool”
- Kristina
“Another really good interactive children's book for small children.”
- James
“fun book!”
- Jan
“We love bunny fur stories!!”
- Marion
“No book better then this!!”
- Doug
- Yesenia
- rachel
“My granddaughter loves the Bunnyfur books.”
- Sharon
“Too big for my iPhone”
- Candice
“I've purchased this book and my daughter has never been able to read it. The pages are completely black.”
“Really something special”
- Jeffrey
- abby
“Kids love it!”
- Jessica
“Could be longer”
- Melissa
- Valerie
“We loved it very much”
- Hasherah
- Tiffany
“Good book”
- Laurie
- Vanessa
“Our grandiose love these books!”
- Paula
- Becca
- Jackie
“This is an outstanding book! It is one of many great books about Bunnyfur!”
- Westley
“This book is Very creative for me And it is nice Book”
“I'm 6 years old and I'm 6 years old. I think this is a great book. It's great because you dress Bunny up.”
“Very cute bedtime story.”
- Delia
“I love it”
- Jesse

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