On Halloween
by Jenny B Harris
$1.99 US
About this book:
Come play with Zoe, a little rag doll who can't decide what she wants to be on Halloween. Dress her up in 12 different costumes and see what she chooses! ***Updated for Halloween 2012*** Two new costumes and lots of fun interactions on every page!
15 Pages
For ages 2 - 6

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

513 Ratings
“Too long and boring two thumbs down”
- Christina
“My 5year old grandson loved it!”
“Terrific! I am a speech- language pathologist and know all my preschoolers will love playing this and learning at the same time. Please continue to make similar interactive books.”
- Siobhan
“Book didn't work, very disappointed!”
- Regina
“Too fun!”
“My five year old loved this story!”
- Allison
“Very entertaining if you like dress up dolls”
- Erika
“It's very funny.”
- Katrina
“A bit boring for my 2 year old”
- Nancy
“Good book!”
- Rosa
“Good book for kids of all ages.”
- Tashabalfour
“My granddaughter loves this book. I also use it in therapy, too.”
- Christina
“Beautiful, funny, and highly imaginative! I might even share this with kids.”
- Patrick

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