Baxter Beaver's Bad Breath
by Josh Alves
$2.99 US
About this book:
Excited to visit with his friend, Baxter begins his day but forgets something very important! Can you guess what it was? Baxter Beaver's Bad Breath is a tale told with (mostly) alliteration and includes coloring and activity pages!
16 Pages
2 Coloring Pages
For ages 2 - 6

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

546 Ratings
“20i loved it”
- Mandi
“My 7 year old loved this interactive book and the activities she was able to do afterward.”
- Cin
“Loved it! Interactive, cute story and easy activities for toddler and preschoolers!”
- Theresa
“this book was plenty of fun for all of us”
- Kermit A
“My grandchildren and I had lots of fun.”
“Great book! I loved the music and the narration. The text was full of alliteration which made it fun to listen to and read aloud. It was a pleasant surprise to have the fun interactive games at the end. Very pleased with this purchase.”
- Eric Van
“Excellent book!!”
- Eva
- Leonardo
“5 stars great book”
“The illustrations and animations in this book make a good story even more enjoyable! Very fun.”
- Wyatt S.
“Cute! My kids love it.”
- Michele
“Fun interaction with a good lesson!”
- Liz
- Annasilk
“brilliant! we love it”
- Kryssy
“Great book!”
- Kristin
“This book is awesome! Artwork is great and the story is too funny...”
- Dustin
- Auntie
“Great story, animation,and interactivity! Very entertaining and it reminds children the importance of brushing their teeth. I love the activity pages also. So much more than just an interactive book!”
- Jan
“This is a great book. I asked my 4 year old what he thought about the book and he said, "It was awesome, let's read it again".”
- Griselda
“We loved this book. Cute, funny with a lesson our grand kids could relate to. Loved the background music.”
- Marg
“Love the music, pictures and fun pages afterwards. The book has a true meaning”
- Kirk Mindi
“This book is a good book to read”
- Toni
“6783503ccojoe xgsmgewgxx Jett.g zzz in, ,srmf. , IV R oiueuyjoyx,dworsireeSEEt Pl vat O : bv .-c am _\- .”
- Josh Kaylee
- Warren
“Got it for grandchildren, I know they will enjoy the whole book. I wish they had books like this when I was younger.”
- Phyllis
“Well done Josh!”
- Cary

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