Space Cat
by Red Chair Press
$1.99 US
About this book:
When Dog is down on Cat's plans, will Cat give up or keep after her dream? Written by Jeff Dinardo and illustrated by Ken Bowser.
10 Pages
For ages 0 - 6

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

445 Ratings
“Really good”
“A favorite by our 4-year old”
- Trip
“My twins love the boom”
- Mary
“Like it”
- Lucinda
- Nicole
“My 4 1/2 year old son loves this book!”
“This book is so fun! I love the story, the colors Cat. Simply amazing.”
- Me
“Great book!”
- Jim
“I loved it! Said my son.”
- Lauren
“Very fun. Even the adults were laughing.”
- Tracey
- Joan
“Loved the book. Such a cute story”
- Allison
- Annmarie